An opportunity to practice skills and learn from others in a supportive and fun environment.

Groups can be an excellent way to strengthen individual therapy, learn from others, build support networks and feel less alone in your journey. For kids, it can be an effective way to build and practice social and communication skills with peers in a structured setting. We offer a variety of therapy and support groups for children, adolescents and parents.

Our current group programs include:

Social and Emotional Skills for Kids
Our Social and Emotional skills groups run year-round. They include interactive teaching, modelling and practice of social-
emotional skills. Groups are carefully selected to ensure a good fit for each child based on their age, needs, goals and areas for
development. Groups are kept small and vary between 2 and 4 children.

Groups focus on developing what Michelle Garcia has coined as ‘Social Thinking’ – the ability to socially wonder about others
and oneself and regulate one’s own responses and social behaviour accordingly.

Some of the skills worked on in our social and emotional groups include:

• Understanding and communicating feelings
• Reading body language and social cues
• Perspective taking
• Turn taking
• Language and communication skills
• Conversation
• Joining in
• Making friends
• Group play skills
• Pretend play
• Following others’ ideas
• Flexibility

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Social & Emotional Skills
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