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Webinar: Effective Approaches to Support Your Child Through Virtual Schooling

With the bulk of Victorian students commencing school-supported learning from home from April 15, we have had a lot of feedback that parents are struggling to meet the demands that the ‘home school’ environment places on them and their family. Many are also having difficulty keeping their child engaged in the work. We have decided to pool some of our resources and share some approaches to support you.

Dr Lydia Soh will be conducting a webinar looking at evidence-based approaches to supporting your child through virtual schooling.

What we are offering
Dr Lydia Soh will be conducting a 60 minute webinar (with Q&A). The webinar will include presentation slides to view as you participate. Key areas covered will be maintaining attention and focus, meeting resistance, building motivation, and emotion regulation.

Target audience

Parents and carers and any other adults supporting children in the home school environment.

The total cost of the webinar will be $55, payable prior to commencement.

If you are interested in participating in the Supporting Your Child Through Virtual Schooling webinar, please fill in the registration form below. Our admin team then will be in touch with you shortly to confirm your participation.

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