Telehealth (Online Video Sessions)

Inside Out Child and Family Psychology has developed online video session services (telehealth) to support our clients in the event that they are unable to participate in face-to-face therapy. Telehealth services involve using interactive cloud-based systems that involve sharing of audio, video, or other data communications online. There is strong evidence demonstrating that psychological services provided using video-conferencing technology can be as effective as a face-to-face consultation for a variety of mental health conditions.

How Does it Work?

Your telehealth video consultation will be conducted just like a standard face-to-face session. You will be able to see and speak to your psychologist, as well as interact on a virtual whiteboard. Your psychologist is also able to share content with you in real-time through the platform, like pictures, articles and other resources. 

Why Telehealth?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are currently encouraging the use of telehealth video consultations to reduce the number of clients coming through the doors of our clinic. There are many scenarios in which telehealth sessions may suit you. For example, you:

    • are unwell and cannot attend the clinic in person (we ask that you do not attend the practice when you are unwell or showing any cold and/or flu symptoms at this point in time)
    • would prefer to have your session from the comfort of your own home, or scheduling issues make online sessions an easier option
    • live in a remote area and cannot attend the practice in person

What Equipment do I need for a Telehealth Session? 

Our telehealth consultations use the video-conferencing platform Zoom to deliver our telehealth services. You can join your session via any of the following options:

    • A computer with a webcam (installing the Zoom software on your computer is recommended but not required)
    • An iPad or Android tablet device with a front-facing camera
    • A mobile phone with a front-facing camera

If you would prefer to have your consultations with us via the telehealth format, please feel free to contact us.