Schools & Learning Support

Schools & Learning Support

Strengthening the fit between students, schools and families to overcome barriers to learning and engagement.

Is your child reaching their full potential at school, or struggling to engage and adapt to school demands? Perhaps you are a teacher who is feeling stuck and unsure how to best support a child with unique learning or behavioural needs in a busy classroom? We believe that working collaboratively with schools leads to better outcomes for kids, teachers, and parents. We can help bring clarity and a way forward when challenges arise and guide individual learning and behaviours plans to enhance engagement and success.

We can support children and schools in several ways, including:

Support and Training for Teachers and Well-being Staff

  • We provide workshops for building insights and skills to support students with unique learning profiles or behavioural needs.
  • We can tailor workshops to suit the professional development goals of your staff.

Individual and Group Support for Students

  • We offer individual or group support to enhance the learning, social and mental health outcomes for students. Where appropriate we can visit your child in the school setting to observe them in their everyday environment or provide therapeutic supports on site.

Learning Profiles and Assessments

  • Learning profiles allow for students, teachers, and parents to gain a greater understanding as to how the student learns best. This allows for practical strategies and adaptation of the environment to enhance engagement and outcomes.
  • We can assist in guiding individual learning plans for children in collaboration with their teachers and support staff.

Positive Behaviour Support Plans

  • Positive behaviour support plans can be developed to assist in safe inclusion and engagement for students with disability or who have significant behaviours of concern.

Return to School

  • Supporting re-engagement of students who are struggling to get to school due to anxiety, peer or bullying issues, or challenging circumstances.

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